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Extraordinary architecture, fashionable trends and interior decor

Those passionate about wide open spaces, design, interior decor and architecture always love learning more and discovering new things. Through its articles, Michaël Zingraf Real Estate wishes to shine a new light on the world of architecture and design.

Our blog, dedicated to luxury real estate, sheds light on the world’s most iconic styles: houses in Normandy, Provencal stone farmhouses, Californian-style homes… From modern materials to authentic charm that has lived through the ages, our articles span through all styles, giving you inspiration for your interior furnishings and decor.

You will be swept off your feet by the latest furniture and designer object trends, so every element in your home may feel like an actual work of art, and so you can create a unique world, tastefully combining your personal palate and in-fashion trends.

Discover the original and innovative outer façades and interiors created by architects and designers from all over the world (crystal box inspiration, high-tech installations, Mediterranean style, Art Déco, Memphis…), as well as a selection of the biggest successes and names awarded by the Pritzker prize.

Lastly, as architecture exceeds mere aesthetics, we also offer wellness-orientated articles. This includes composing specific lay-outs in your home, and opting for eco-friendly materials: light source and quality, presence of nature, windows looking out onto your environment… We search for the very latest architectural innovations, to ensure your luxury properties are nothing but an oasis of serenity and harmony.


Haussmann architecture: Parisian charm at its finest

During the 19th century, Haussmann architecture elegantly remodelled the streets of Paris. Now inherent to Paris’ real estate scene, this architectural style has become a dream for anyone who loves prestigious properties and is looking for authenticity and age-old charm.  What is the Haussmann style? Haussmann architecture appeared during the...


Belle Époque Architecture: Jewel of the city of Nice

The Belle Époque architecture has elegantly and refinedly redesigned the space of Nice. Becoming inseparable from the azure city, this architectural movement has left it with a dazzling architectural heritage. What is Belle Époque architecture? The term is used to evoke the characteristic architectural styles of the Belle Époque. During...


The typical houses of the Basque Country

Like most French regions, the Basque Country has architectural constructions specific to its territory. Amongst this cultural heritage, we find typical houses (called Etxe in the region) which are very different from other real estate constructions found in France L'Etxe, the typical Basque house Called Etxe in Basque, the Basque...


How does an architect’s house stand out?

An architect’s house presents features that investors cannot always easily identify. Why is this, and what makes it stand out from more conventional contemporary houses? Michaël Zingraf Real Estate teams have explained it all.  An architect’s house is designed for its owner Before all else, an architect’s house is one...


What will the cities of tomorrow look like?

The world is changing and so are our cities! Will they be hyper-connected? Will they be full of innovation? Will they revolutionise real estate? Will they meet the climate and demographic challenges of the future? So many questions remain unanswered, proving that cities can evolve and change. But one main...


French Riviera: why are rooftop apartments so idolised?

The real estate market along the French Riviera offers a myriad of prestigious properties. Over the last few years, rooftop apartments, penthouses and rooftop villas have become particularly coveted by investors. Michaël Zingraf Christie’s International Real Estate teams explain the reasons for this success. Zoom rooftop apartments Rooftop apartments have...


What is Couëlle's inspiration?

The art of combining nature and sculpture. Jacques Couëlle, the famous architect of the 1900s, was in complete opposition to the modern movement that imposed its dictates at the time. Jacque Couëlle saw harmony more in nature than in the right angles and smooth surfaces dictated by man. Architecture Couëlle,...


Contemporary architecture: zoom on deconstructivism

Deconstructivism is a movement belonging to contemporary architecture, and was developed to oppose the ordered rationality of modernism. Its non-linear style and defiance in the face of symmetrical shapes propelled the creation of buildings with a unique visual appearance. Discover this original architectural movement’s history and features thanks to Michaël...


Deauville: zoom on Normandy’s houses

Norman houses are highly sought-after by countless buyers. As specialists in luxury real estate in Deauville, professionals at Michaël Zingraf Real Estate can present you with a selection of half-timbered houses, now a reference in French architectural heritage.  Norman houses: a traditional building that fits in perfectly with its environment...


Villa Pablo Picasso in Mougins

Mougins, a small jewel on the Côte d'Azur, is home to many exceptional residences. The most famous of these is undoubtedly the former villa of Pablo Picasso, where the artist lived from 1961 until his death in 1973. Today it is one of the most prestigious properties in the south...


How does the Art Déco architectural style stand out ?

Renowned as an artistic movement and architectural wave, the Art Déco style has inspired lots of architects since its creation. Michaël Zingraf Real Estate professionals have made a list of the style’s many features, which always delight those who love beautiful things. Art Déco: an influential artistic movement The Art...


Discovering futuristic architecture

Futuristic architecture is taking over the urban lay-out of several cities across the world. Completely separate from the 1910-1930 futuristic wave in Italy, this architectural approach encourages the creation of buildings with striking and avant-garde designs. Come and discover this form of architecture, that conceptualises the city and lifestyles of...


Discovering industrial architecture

Industrial architecture emerged during the industrialization period. Initially, it offered buildings with unique shapes that had to meet both technological constraints and constraints related to the organization of work. The professionals at Michaël Zingraf Real Estate present the history and characteristics of this singular architectural style. The beginnings of the...


The main movements of contemporary architecture

Showing less precise contours than previous architectural movements, contemporary architecture offers a real mosaic of styles. Michaël Zingraf Real Estate specialists have drawn up a list of its main waves, which all stand out from modern art.  What is contemporary architecture? Unlike modern architecture, contemporary architecture is only rarely considered...


election of the most beautiful private mansions in Paris

Paris boasts an extremely prestigious real estate market. As part of this luxury offer, private mansions stand out with their beautiful architecture and refined interior decor. The French capital counts about 2,000 of them nowadays, 400 of which are open to the public. Discover the most beautiful private hotels in...


Selection of the most beautiful luxury mountain chalets

Prestigious real estate is a flagship market in mountain-top resorts. To meet luxury requirements, mountain-top resorts offer chalets boasting exceptional features. Here is a zoom on the most beautiful luxury mountain chalets! The market’s most beautiful mountain chalets Chalets are the king of the mountain! As the former houses of...


Selection of the most beautiful vineyards in France

France is famous worldwide for its wines and the ancestral know-how of its winemakers. From North to South, the country has a very large number of vineyards, some of which are the most prestigious in the world. Do you want to discover them? Michaël Zingraf Real Estate presents the most...


How to renovate an artist's studio in Paris?

Renovated, an artist's studio has a unique charm that is now attracting more than one buyer. Specializing in luxury real estate, the teams at Michaël Zingraf Real Estate reveal their tips for transforming a studio into a comfortable and functional loft in Paris. Why renovate an artist's studio? Renovating an...


Discovering bio-climatic architecture

Bio-climatic design is a recent architectural movement, whose approach is respectful of the environment. Michaël Zingraf Real Estate experts have introduced the concept, as well as the features of this innovative style - which is only in its very early stages in France.  Zoom on bio-climatic architecture The bio-climatic style...