Real Estate Agency: Viager Sales, Dismemberment, Bare Ownership

The sale in viager, the splitting and the sale in bare ownership are key concepts in real estate, allowing increased flexibility in asset management. Michaël Zingraf Serenity, a reference in the field, offers innovative solutions for individuals and investors. Viager allows the purchase of a property by paying a lump sum and a life annuity to the seller, splitting separates the ownership into usufruct and bare ownership, while the sale in bare ownership consists of selling only the right of possession. These methods offer unique opportunities and challenges for all parties involved.

Viager, Dismemberment, and Bare Ownership

Innovative Solutions for Investing with Michaël Zingraf Serenity

In an ever-evolving real estate market, new investment formulas are emerging to meet the needs of buyers and sellers. Among these are viager, dismemberment, and bare ownership, which allow for diversification of opportunities and optimization of real estate transactions. Michaël Zingraf Serenity Capital, an expert in real estate sales, accompanies you in each of these formats.

Viager: A Beneficial Sale for Both Parties

Viager is a term sale that involves selling a property while retaining the right to enjoy it until death. This type of transaction offers several advantages for both the buyer and the seller.

For the Seller (Creditor)

The first benefit concerns the creditor, who receives regular viager payments until the end of their life, or a large lump sum of up to 70% of the property's value. This provides them with significant financial security, especially in the case of an extended life expectancy. Additionally, they continue to live in their home without having to pay rent or property-related expenses.

For the Buyer (Debtor)

The buyer, on the other hand, benefits from a sale price that is often lower than the actual value of the property, making it an interesting long-term investment. Furthermore, they do not have to pay notary fees or transfer taxes, as these are calculated based on the viager payments and not the total value of the property.

Dismemberment: A Solution to Optimize Real Estate Investment

Dismemberment is another format of real estate sale that involves separating the ownership of a property into two distinct parts: bare ownership and usufruct. Depending on the needs and objectives of the parties, several types of dismemberments can be considered.

Temporary Dismemberment

This formula allows the buyer (bare owner) to only pay for the value of the bare ownership, without having to bear the expenses related to the maintenance or repairs of the property. The usufructuary, on the other hand, enjoys the property for a defined period and may receive rental income if they decide to rent it out.

Viager Dismemberment

As the name suggests, viager dismemberment is a variation of viager in which the usufruct is retained by the seller until their death. The buyer becomes the bare owner and awaits the end of the right of use and habitation to fully enjoy the property.

Bare Ownership: Secure and Profitable Investment

Bare ownership is the part of the property that does not include usufruct, which is the right to use and collect income generated by a real estate asset. Acquiring the bare ownership of a property has several advantages for an investor.

Reduced Acquisition Price

The cost of acquiring bare ownership is generally lower than that of full ownership, making the investment more accessible. Additionally, notary fees are also lower as they are calculated based on the value of the bare ownership alone.

Favorable Taxation

Buying bare ownership allows for a lighter tax burden. The income received by the usufructuary is not taxable for the bare owner, reducing the fiscal impact of the investment. Similarly, the value of the bare ownership is not included in the calculation of the real estate wealth tax (IFI).

Secure and Appreciating Capital

Lastly, acquiring bare ownership of a property provides security for the investor. At the end of the dismemberment period, they automatically regain full ownership of the property without any additional steps. Furthermore, the value of the property generally increases between the time of purchase and the end of the dismemberment period, allowing for a profitable resale.

Michaël Zingraf Serenity Capital: Your Partner for Successful Real Estate Transactions

With its expertise in real estate sales, Michaël Zingraf Serenity Capital accompanies you in each of the formats presented above. Thanks to its extensive network and in-depth market knowledge, the agency guides and advises you throughout your investment project, whether it be in viager, dismemberment, or bare ownership. Trust Michaël Zingraf Serenity Capital to secure and optimize your real estate transactions.

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