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Up in Normandy, life in the Calvados area is pleasant with a mild climate and rich local heritage. The Michaël Zingraf Real Estate agency in Deauville offers high-end traditional Norman houses for rent or sale, as well as exceptional properties. Charm, authenticity and prestige are all part of Deauville’s appeal, making it a unique and dynamic town. Just 2 hours away from Paris, the “kingdom of elegance” offers both leisure and luxury services with its casino and two world-renowned racecourses.

Set between sea and countryside, white sandy beaches and beautiful fields, Deauville is bursting with charm and Norman traditions. During the summer, the half-timbered houses’ vibrant colours match those of the many parasols on the beach, and Deauville’s famous beach planks turn into a red carpet for the American Film Festival.

The Michaël Zingraf Real Estate agency extends its offers right up to the harbour of Honfleur seaside resort of Trouville-sur-Mer, where private mansions and luxury villas are dotted all along the coastline.

Easily accessible via Trouville’s small train station and Deauville-Normandie airport, this seaside area is perfect for investors, horse-riders, golfers and anyone who loves the North of France.

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