The corporate real estate agency Michaël Zingraf Retail is an essential player for companies in search of a professional space tailored to their needs and budget. Specializing in retail and the sale of commercial properties, it provides a comprehensive range of services to facilitate the purchase, rental, or even sale of properties dedicated to businesses.

Business Real Estate Agency: The Specialist in Retail and Sale of Professional Premises

When a company is looking to move into new premises, whether to expand its activities or to relocate to a more functional space, the assistance of a professional in business real estate is often indispensable. Thanks to its in-depth knowledge of the market and its network of partners, our dedicated Retail business real estate agency can offer tailor-made solutions, adapted to the specific needs of each client.

Selection and presentation of offers

The main role of our real estate agency is to identify, analyze, and present offers for the sale and rental of professional premises available on the market. Our experts evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of each property (size, location, accessibility, costs, etc.) and compare them to the specific needs of companies. This process allows for a refined search and saves valuable time in the process of acquiring or renting the future professional premises.

Visits and negotiations

Once the offers are selected, the experts in the sale and rental of professional premises from our business real estate agency organize visits to allow clients to personally assess the configuration of the commercial premises or warehouses offered for sale or rent. Our agency also accompanies companies during negotiations with owners, landlords, or developers to obtain the best possible conditions in terms of both price and deadlines.

Sale of Professional Premises: The Advantages of Entrusting this Project to a Business Real Estate Agency

If a company wishes to sell its premises, it can rely on the expertise and skills of the experts from our business real estate agency. Indeed, our agency is able to take care of all stages of the sale process, from evaluation to the signing of the authentic deed.

Estimation and valorization of the real estate

Our business real estate agency first carries out a precise estimation of the property for sale, taking into account the specific characteristics of the real estate market dedicated to companies (supply, demand, trends, etc.). It then proposes advice to optimize the valorization of the professional premises and facilitate its sale.

Promotion and selection of potential buyers

Our business real estate agency is also responsible for promoting the real estate property for sale to a network of contacts, as well as creating and disseminating ads that highlight the professional premises. It then selects potential buyers from its client portfolio and presents the property to them according to the criteria defined with the seller.

Assistance until the signing of the authentic deed

Finally, Michaël Zingraf Retail follows the progress of the sale file and verifies that all conditions are met to ensure a transaction under the best possible conditions. It also accompanies the contracting parties during the signing of the authentic deed with the notary to ensure that everything proceeds according to the commitments made.

Other Services Offered by the Business Real Estate Agency

In addition to the traditional services related to the purchase, rental, and sale of professional premises, our business real estate agency offers more specific services tailored to the specific needs of its clients.

Consulting in business real estate strategy

Our business real estate professionals stand out by offering strategic consulting services to help companies define and implement their real estate policies. This can include optimizing locations, consolidating or streamlining workspaces, renegotiating commercial leases, etc.

Expertise and rental management

Michaël Zingraf Retail, the business real estate agency of the Michaël Zingraf Real Estate group, can also offer services associated with the rental management of real estate properties dedicated to companies. This can include helping to set up an appropriate financing plan, handling the drafting of leases, or carrying out administrative and technical follow-up of the rental.

Calling on our specialized business real estate agency in retail and the sale of professional premises allows companies to save time and benefit from informed and personalized advice throughout the process of purchase, rental, or sale. Companies are guaranteed to find tailor-made solutions adapted to their specific needs and requirements.

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