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Discovering the Michaël Zingraf Collection brand

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The luxury real estate is not just a simple transaction, it is an adventure, a true life journey shared by the real estate agent with his clients, buyers and sellers.

"Merchant of dreams and memories, we were present yesterday and will be tomorrow." This quote from Michaël Zingraf, founder and president of the Group, has taken on its full meaning over the years.
The dream first of all, it is the emotion that triggers the intention to buy or rent a property, whether it is for a desire to experience a new adventure or for an investment.
The memory, then, is inscribed in the memory of an owner at the time of the sale of a property, or of a tenant when their seasonal rental ends.
These emotions, these experiences, the teams at Michaël Zingraf Real Estate live and share them with you every day.

As a major player in luxury real estate, the Michaël Zingraf Real Estate Group is therefore committed to a long-term relationship with you, a relationship that is not limited solely to real estate professions.

Michaël Zingraf Collection, a brand designed for you!

Thanks to this exclusive relationship that we maintain, today we want to put our expertise at your service and thus transmit to you our inspirations in terms of art of living, architecture, as well as our mastery of taxation, investments and the real estate market in the broadest sense.

Michaël Zingraf Collection accompanies you on a daily basis, whether through our newsletter (for which the format has been reworked on the occasion of the launch of this program) or through our blog articles and social networks. Our teams will offer you enriching and carefully selected content.

By your side during all stages of your projects, Michaël Zingraf Real Estate is more than ever your reference partner, both in luxury real estate and in your everyday life.



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