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Which luxury house to buy?

Cannes - Croix des Gardes - Rare

Ref. MZICA4210

Price on request

Bedroom(s) : 17

Area : 2000 sqm

Plot of land (sqm) : 26000 sqm

Unique in Cannes, splendid newly built Venetian palace, inspired by the famous architect Palladio's finest master pieces, decorated and fully fitted, on grounds of around 25 000 sqm located in one of the most residential areas of Cannes, five minutes...

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Are you planning to buy a luxury home? Prestige real estate offers you properties in a wide variety of architectural styles: contemporary, modern, neo-classical, regionally inspired... Whatever your preference, these exceptional homes will give you the benefit of the most modern services in an enchanting and privileged setting.

How to choose your luxury home?

Contrary to popular belief, not all luxury homes have the same architectural lines. Some have an ultra-contemporary style, while others have a more classic, but equally elegant design.

The contemporary luxury villas

Many people in the luxury real estate market prefer contemporary villa-style homes. Unlike town or village houses, villas are located in privileged outlying areas. With their large exteriors, contemporary villas have several common characteristics: minimalist, highly designed lines, a combination of high-end materials and more classic materials, the use of sober colours and pure geometric shapes, and a multiplicity of spaces open to the outside. Dans certains cas, le style contemporain peut simplement définir une maison décorée selon la tendance du moment.

contemporary luxury house

Luxury houses combining modernity and classicism

Today, buyers can find a variety of luxury homes that are both modern and classic in style. These properties generally offer state-of-the-art facilities within a home whose design is inspired by the Greco-Roman architectural forms popular in ancient times. Inside the house, the decoration favours noble materials such as wood and natural stone, and integrates innovative technological systems to provide the occupants with the highest level of comfort.

Modern Luxury House - Palais vénitien
Majestic modern luxury house

Regional style luxury homes

Provençal farmhouses, stone bastides, half-timbered houses, Anglo-Norman houses, properties with colonial architecture... Houses with an architectural style specific to their region can also constitute exceptional properties that are highly sought after by luxury real estate clients. Completely renovated, these regionally inspired houses seduce buyers with their typical period architecture.

Maison de luxe Provençale

Luxury homes with a unique style

Many exceptional houses have unique architectural lines; Traditionally designed by a renowned architect. The architecture of these unusual properties draws its inspiration from several architectural trends (Renaissance, Art Deco, Belle Epoque, Neo-Classical, contemporary, Couëlle, modern...) by associating them with very current design features.

Unique luxury architect house
Modern house - architect's house

What do you find in a luxury house?

The luxury homes are characterized by the combination of high-end features, capable of offering optimal comfort and an exceptional visual identity.

Entrance hall - luxury house

The entrance

The entrance to a luxury home must be particularly well looked after. After all, this is where visitors will get their first impression of the house. The entrance should be able to perfectly reflect the luxurious style that will be found in the other rooms of the home. For prestigious properties, the trend is currently towards spacious and bright entrance halls that open onto the dining room or the stairs leading to the upper floors.

The lounge

The living room of a luxury home is one of the key rooms in the building. In the field of prestigious real estate, the living room is generally connected to the outside by large windows or bay windows whose play of light visually increases the surface area of the room. The materials used in the living room include noble materials such as natural stone, wood, glass and ceramic. For the comfort of the occupants of the house and their visitors, the living room is often equipped with a home automation system and the latest connected devices.

Lounge - luxury house
luxury lounge

The kitchen

The kitchen is the second heart of an exceptional property. In a luxury home, this room must have top-of-the-range equipment similar to that found in professional kitchens. In terms of materials, customers regularly prefer marble or granite worktops, which give the room a touch of luxury and prestige. Today, customers particularly appreciate the presence of a central island that opens onto the dining room. Unlike the living room, which can be decorated in a classic or even vintage style, the kitchen of a luxury property generally displays ultra-contemporary lines that are refined and sober.

Kitchen - Luxury House
Open luxury kitchen
Dining room - luxury house

The Dining Room

Many luxury homes have a kitchen, living room and dining room. Sometimes the dining room is open to the kitchen or adjoining the living room. In any case, it is expected by customers that the architectural configuration can create a separation between the relaxation area of the luxury living room and the place where the occupants and their guests have their meal.

The shower room and the bathroom

Luxury homes usually have at least one shower room (without bath) and one bathroom (with bath). Owners often choose to build a private bathroom directly connected to the master bedroom (or even to the other bedrooms). As in the kitchen, the bathrooms are fitted out with prestigious materials (Carrara marble, ceramics, natural stone, wood, Cioran, gold, copper, etc.) and top-of-the-range equipment (hydro-massage bath, water jet, underfloor heating, waterfall....). The very contemporary lines, sometimes combined with an Art Nouveau style and perfectly polished materials, make it possible to obtain pure forms and spacious spaces with luxury and elegance.

Bathroom, shower - luxury home
Luxury bathroom

The rooms

The bedrooms of luxury homes offer their occupants all the comfort they need to relax and recharge their batteries in a space conducive to calm and serenity. In a prestigious property, the rooms are generally equipped with home automation systems capable of improving the comfort of the occupants (remote-controlled curtains, shutters and lighting, temperature control, etc.). These rooms must also be able to benefit from the light from outside and offer a view of the surrounding nature (especially in the main bedroom).

Bedroom - luxury house

The dressing room

Luxury homes very often have rooms specifically designed to accommodate one or more luxury dressing rooms. These storage spaces integrate ideally with the other rooms in the house and often give the opportunity to install large mirrors.

The swimming pool

Exceptional properties are traditionally equipped with a superb outdoor swimming pool. Enhanced by marble or natural stone paving, the pools in luxury homes are the perfect size (usually over 10 metres in length) for swimming or relaxing together. Some facilities also offer a separate Jacuzzi area or several pools with different depths. In recent years, luxury real estate clients have been particularly interested in infinity pools with waterfalls.

swimming pool - luxury house
Luxury bathroom

The garden and the exterior

Luxury homes are obviously located in privileged locations. Their exteriors must therefore allow the occupants to take full advantage of their location (garden furniture with a view of the sea or a mountain range, private beach for waterfront properties, etc.). For the decoration of the gardens, great care is taken with the plant decoration and the layout of the green spaces. Currently, the trend is towards the natural segmentation of the various outdoor spaces (swimming pool, garden, garden furniture, terrace) and the construction of outdoor kitchens.

Outdoor garden - luxury house
Garden and outdoor furniture - luxury home

Rooms specific to high-end homes: entertainment spaces

Luxury homes are distinguished by their exceptional entertainment and wellness facilities. They have several areas specially dedicated to leisure activities, care and relaxation :

  • Sports hall
  • Cinema room
  • Wine cellar
  • Cigar cellar
  • Indoor pool, jacuzzi
  • Basketball court
  • Tennis lessons
  • Sauna, hammam, massage area...
Wine cellar - luxury home
Garden and outdoor furniture - luxury home
hamman, spa - luxury home
Fitness room, sports - luxury home

Where to find a luxury house for sale?

Luxury homes are properties that are generally difficult to find on the communication channels used by the traditional real estate sector. Offers for sale for high-end luxury villas or prestigious properties are very rarely found on websites or in free newspapers. Of course, some buyers can sometimes find advertisements on specialized Internet platforms. However, these sites will mainly give you an initial idea of the prices on the market. However, they will not give you the opportunity to obtain an exhaustive list of luxury homes available in the region where you wish to buy.

Calling on the expertise of a luxury property specialist

To find the luxury home of your dreams, it is highly recommended to turn to a specialist in prestige real estate. Today, only these professionals have the necessary experience and network to be able to accompany you in your search successfully. Thanks to their perfect knowledge of the market and their portfolio of exclusive properties, the experts in high-end real estate will certainly enable you to buy the luxury villa you have always dreamed of. If you intend to buy a luxury home on the French Riviera, in Provence, in the Paris region or abroad, the professionals at Michaël Zingraf Real Estate can meet all your requirements. Specialised in prestige real estate for over 45 years, our teams put their expertise at your service all year round. We can assist you in your project in France (Côte d'Azur, Provence, Paris, Uzès, Lyon...) and abroad in the most popular destinations for luxury real estate clients.

Refine your project beforehand

Before calling on the expertise of a professional for the purchase of your luxury home , you can start by defining your expectations more precisely. Architectural style, services, essential room, surface area, location... Make a list of all the criteria you want to obtain in your future property! This will save time for the expert you contact. You don't have any precise ideas about the configuration of your ideal luxury home yet? There is no need to worry! Our professionals will be happy to advise you and help you better define your needs.

How much does a luxury home cost?

The price of a luxury house depends on its geographical area and the services it offers to its occupants

  • Price of a luxury house on the French Riviera: Buyers can find luxury houses from 3 million euros on the French Riviera. Depending on the environment, the quality of the services and the view from which the villa benefits, prices can rise to 30 million euros.
  • Price of a luxury house in Paris : Private mansions located in Paris intra-muros generally have prices between 20 and 30 million euros.
  • Price of a luxury house in Lyon : Buyers can find luxury houses in Lyon from 1 million euros. The most expensive villa in Lyon has just been sold for €3.4m
  • The price of a luxury house in Normandy : Luxury houses located in popular areas of Normandy (especially in the Deauville region) offer prices between 1 and 5 million euros.
  • Price of a luxury house in Megeve: Are you planning to buy the luxury house of your dreams? Michaël Zingraf Real Estate offers you its catalogue of exceptional properties in the most renowned areas!

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