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Luxury real estate in Deauville

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Luxury real estate is booming in Deauville. Thanks to a varied high-end offering and a favorable geographical location, the city is attracting more than ever prestigious property buyers. Discover with Michaël Zingraf Real Estate the characteristics of the Deauville luxury market.

Deauville: a historically prestigious real estate market

Deauville has been a popular destination for chic clientele for several centuries. From the 1860s, the natural and architectural heritage of the town, as well as its prestigious hotel offerings and casinos, attracted high society.

After a slowdown in the early 20th century, Deauville once again became a sought-after resort town in the 1920s for European aristocracy and wealthy industrial families. They built magnificent elegant seaside mansions. The Deauville casino shone brightly: it became an important place for meetings and social events, while the racecourse attracted players from across the country.

After World War II, the Belle Normande quickly regained its splendor. It attracted wealthy buyers thanks to its prestigious casinos, high-end hotels, horse races, sandy beaches, golf courses, and charming marina. The Palais des Congrès and the International American Film Festival also contributed to making Deauville a highly coveted destination.

Luxury real estate in Deauville today

While the luxury market in Deauville has always been popular among buyers, it has experienced a resurgence in recent years. Unlike other sectors in the town, luxury real estate is thriving: sales of high-end properties continue to increase, and multi-million euro offers find buyers easily. In the luxury market, second homes are the most sought-after type of property.

What is the profile of buyers in the luxury market in Deauville?

In Deauville, the luxury market is highly favored by the French. 90% of the clientele comes from France, with a large majority of Parisians (over 75%). This characteristic has earned it the nickname "the 21st arrondissement of Paris." Today, the majority of buyers of prestigious properties are young retirees from Paris, who love Normandy and are attracted by the many possibilities offered by the Deauville region. The average price per square meter in the town is around €4,650 for apartments and €5,350 for houses.

Exceptional properties for sale in Deauville

Are you looking for rare or prestigious properties in Deauville? As a specialist in luxury real estate since 1977, our real estate agency in Deauville, Michaël Zingraf Real Estate  offer you exceptional listings on the Côte Fleurie. Our perfect knowledge of the market allows us to have one of the most prestigious selections of houses and apartments.

Find the property of your dreams among our listings in Deauville and its surroundings: traditional Norman houses, castles and mansions, high-end apartments, contemporary villas overlooking the sea, superb historic buildings made of natural stone, exceptional waterfront estates... Our professionals accompany you in every step of your purchase project and assist you in your search for prestigious properties.

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