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What are the most beautiful golf courses in France?

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Are you in pursuit of exceptional greens for your golfing endeavors? France is home to some of the most esteemed golf courses in Europe. Morfontaine Golf Club, Evian Resort Golf Club, Chantilly Golf Club, Fontainebleau Golf Club... The Michaël Zingraf Real Estate blog has curated for you a list of the most exquisite golf courses in France!

The 6 most exquisite golf courses in France

In France, golfers are fortunate to have the opportunity to indulge in their favorite sport across a plethora of courses. Among the 700 existing courses, 6 clubs stand out with their impeccably designed greens, luxurious facilities, and the splendor of their natural settings.

Morfontaine golf club (Oise)

Nestled in the heart of Oise, the private Morfontaine Golf Club is universally acclaimed as one of the most exquisite golf courses in France. Boasting grand prestige and a rich history, the club offers a 9-hole course designed by the renowned golf architect Tom Simpson, as well as a magnificent 18-hole course (the Grand Parcours) celebrated worldwide for the natural diversity of its challenges.

Fontainebleau golf club (Seine-et-Marne)

A venerable institution, the Fontainebleau Golf Club, as its name suggests, is ensconced within the Fontainebleau forest. Founded in 1909, this private club (which, nonetheless, welcomes outside players during the week) enjoys a marvelous natural setting, interspersed with a variety of tree species, heather, lilacs, ferns, and broom, thus offering a unique visual and sensory experience.

Les Bordes golf club (Loir-et-Cher)

The Les Bordes Golf Club is among the most renowned golf courses in Europe. The epitome of excellence, this golf course distinguishes itself with the beauty and sophistication of its greens, fairways, and teeing grounds. Located not far from the illustrious Château de Chambord, Les Bordes also shines with its top-tier facilities, impeccably maintained grounds, and a clubhouse that epitomizes luxury and refinement.

Chantilly golf club (Oise)

Conceived by Tom Simpson, the Chantilly Golf Club is in no way inferior to the aforementioned clubs. Situated in the heart of the Chantilly forest, the course captivates golf enthusiasts with its timeless elegance and understated luxury, emblematic of exclusivity and tradition. Qualities that easily place it among the most exquisite golf courses in France.

Prince de Provence golf club (Var)

A legendary course in the south of France (Var), the Prince de Provence Golf Club (also known as Vidauban Golf Club) enjoys a privileged location at the heart of the "Plaine des Maures" nature reserve. Thanks to this favored setting, its courses blend harmoniously with the region's stunning vegetation (wild lavender, umbrella pines, cork oaks...).

Evian Resort golf club (Haute-Savoie)

This luxurious golf club, nestled in a wooded park spanning 60 hectares, offers a majestic view of Lake Geneva and the Alpine massif. Crowned "Europe's Best Luxury Golf Resort" in 2015, the Evian Resort has the honor of hosting the only major tournament in continental Europe, The Amundi Evian Championship, each year.

What are the other prestigious golf courses in France?

Several other clubs also contend for the title of the most beautiful golf course in France. Among them are:

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