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Top 13 places to spend the end-of-year holidays

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The end-of-year holidays are synonymous with magic, sharing, and good times with family or friends, but they can also call for travel. Whether in France or abroad, the whole world offers magical places to visit and end the year on a high note. Discover our selection of 13 extraordinary places to spend the end-of-year holidays.


As the capital of France, Paris is considered one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Its chic and glamorous atmosphere is fully expressed during the holidays and will provide you with exceptional moments in the most beautiful neighborhoods, hotels, and restaurants in the city.


Germany is one of the most emblematic destinations for the end-of-year holidays. Cologne may be the German city that best captures this period, with its history, architecture, illuminations, decorations, and especially its Christmas markets, which have made the city famous worldwide.


With its architectural heritage and cultural richness, Malta is a choice destination in the heart of the Mediterranean. British-inspired, the island also offers many advantages for the end-of-year holidays. Between Christmas and New Year's Day, discover sublime decorations and illuminations, breathtaking landscapes, as well as the gastronomy and festivities that Malta has to offer.

New York

The United States has a strong connection with the end-of-year holidays and truly worships the Christmas season. In general, Thanksgiving marks the start of a month-long preparation for the festivities. New York, a city of excess in the noblest sense of the word, best represents this cultural phenomenon. From Times Square to Rockefeller Center and its giant Christmas tree, luxury hotels, and wonderfully decorated streets and shops, let yourself be carried away by the most magical places in Manhattan.


Like New York, the magic of the end-of-year holidays takes hold of London from the end of November. With its typical cuisine and the beauty of the city during the holidays, London is an exceptional place to spend an extraordinary end-of-year holiday season.


How can we not mention this region in northern Finland when talking about the end-of-year holidays? Lapland is a mythical place for experiencing moments as sublime as they are unforgettable: dog sled rides or carriage rides pulled by reindeer in one of the most beautiful settings imaginable, discovering the Northern Lights, and staying in hotels with a typical and warm atmosphere... and many other activities to discover for a truly authentic Christmas.


Due to its immediate proximity to Germany and its culture, the easternmost region of France has become a global reference for end-of-year holidays. From Strasbourg, the capital of Christmas, to Colmar, along the wine route and its magical villages, Alsace offers many treasures and guarantees a timeless escape during the holidays.


Both for Christmas and New Year's festivities, Austria has exceptional places that will welcome you with open arms for the end-of-year holidays, whether in the Austrian Alps with their luxurious resorts and breathtaking landscapes, or in Vienna and Salzburg, in the heart of a preserved historical and cultural heritage.


As the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Nicknamed "the city of a thousand towers and a thousand spires," its Baroque architecture perfectly complements the decorations and illuminations that the city offers for the end-of-year holidays. Whether for Christmas or New Year's Eve, a warm welcome awaits you in Prague!


Head to the banks of the Danube for the holidays and discover the beauty and richness of one of the most beautiful capitals in Europe. On the program: light shows, traditional Hungarian Christmas markets, music and opera festivals, and of course, majestic fireworks on New Year's Eve. In just a few days, treat yourself to an emotionally rich experience in Budapest!


In the heart of an authentic and magical atmosphere, treat yourself to the best of the end-of-year holidays in the charm of Stockholm. Thanks to the ideal geographical location of the Swedish capital, you can enjoy the wonderful Christmas atmosphere in the city or escape to the heavenly landscapes of the surrounding nature.


Rome, a romantic and historically charged city, offers an enchanting getaway throughout the year. The end-of-year holidays are no exception and will allow you to experience magical and unforgettable moments, from Christmas with its gathering in St. Peter's Square to New Year's Eve, where you can enjoy the majestic fireworks offered by the city.


Globally recognized for its New Year's festivities and breathtaking fireworks, Sydney is a top destination for the end-of-year holidays. With favorable weather in December, Sydney will undoubtedly seduce you when choosing your winter destination.

You now have all the elements to experience emotionally rich moments of escape during the holidays, whether in the sun or under a blanket of snow.

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