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Cannes: Renting an apartment, an ideal solution to fully enjoy international events.

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Famous for its Croisette, beaches, restaurants, and prestigious hotels, Cannes is also a sought-after destination for international events such as the International Film Festival, MIPIM (International Market for Real Estate Professionals), Cannes Lions (International Festival of Creativity), as well as the Tax Free World Exhibition and MAPIC (International Market for Commercial Development and Distribution Professionals).
For participants, renting an apartment in Cannes offers numerous advantages to fully enjoy these events. In this article, we will examine the reasons why renting an apartment is the ideal solution for business travelers and visitors attending these conferences.

The advantages of renting properties for accommodation during conferences in Cannes

Thanks to the abundant real estate options in Cannes and the exceptional location of prestigious properties on the Croisette or in close proximity to the Palais des Festivals, renting apartments or even villas provides an ideal accommodation solution during international events organized throughout the year.
Here are the numerous advantages offered by seasonal apartment rentals in Cannes during these conferences.

Flexibility and comfort

One of the main benefits of renting an apartment in Cannes is the flexibility it offers. Unlike hotels, apartments allow visitors to choose the size, layout, and location of the property based on their specific needs. Apartments provide all the necessary amenities for added comfort and a feeling of "home away from home" during the stay. This flexibility is particularly appreciated by groups, who can share accommodation tailored to their needs.

Financial benefits

In some cases, renting an apartment can be more cost-effective than booking a hotel, especially during periods of high demand such as international events. Compared to prestigious Cannes hotels, apartment rates are often cheaper per night, and depending on the duration of the stay and the number of travelers, a better distribution of accommodation costs is possible.

Immersing in local life

Staying in an apartment in Cannes allows visitors to immerse themselves in local life and discover the city in a different way. Indeed, the apartments available for rent during conferences are ideally located on the Croisette, in the city center, or in close proximity to the Palais des Festivals, offering an authentic and friendly experience. Visitors can thus enjoy the city, shops, and the Cannes atmosphere during conferences, fully embracing the Mediterranean way of life.

Networking and professional exchanges opportunities

Renting an apartment during events in Cannes offers networking and professional exchange opportunities. The optimal and central location of these properties encourages meetings and conviviality among conference participants. It is possible to share formal or informal moments and create lasting professional connections, both in the city and within the apartments that offer all the necessary amenities (large living spaces, spacious terraces, etc.)

Privacy and independence

The properties available offer a level of comfort and privacy worthy of the best hotel services. Moreover, you will have your own living space, allowing you to relax and unwind after a long day of work or festivities. Additionally, you can host guests or organize meetings in the intimate setting of your apartment, ensuring full confidentiality.

Whether you are a professional on a business trip or a simple visitor, opting for apartment rentals will allow you to have an unforgettable experience and make the most of your stay in Cannes. Our dedicated seasonal rental team will accompany you in your search to offer you the best property for your accommodation.

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