How to estimate the price of your high-end apartment?

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How to estimate the price of your high-end apartment?

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Do you have plans to sell your high-end property? Have the price of your apartment evaluated by Michaël Zingraf Real Estate, a renowned specialist in luxury real estate.

Why have your apartment price estimated?

Real estate valuation is a key step in a sale project. This operation, which consists of determining the "right" price of a property in relation to the market, will be decisive in attracting buyers: a property with an overpriced price is generally overlooked in favor of competitive offers. Conversely, a price that is too low, or underpriced, may raise doubts about the reliability of the property for the buyer. By having your apartment price estimated by a professional, you can know its real value on the market. You can therefore propose a coherent selling price that can quickly interest buyers.

Valuation of your property: how do our agencies proceed?

Michaël Zingraf Real Estate agencies have a perfect knowledge of the luxury market. Thanks to this expertise, we can carry out a relevant comparative study of offers similar to yours and obtain a good estimate of the price of your apartment. Combined with the analysis of several other criteria, this study will allow us to make a precise and reliable estimate of the price of your apartment.

The main criteria taken into account to estimate a real estate property

Several elements need to be taken into account in the estimation of an apartment price:

The experts at Michaël Zingraf Real Estate are at your disposal to estimate the selling price of your apartment in France and internationally. Come meet our professionals or contact us to schedule a first appointment!


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