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Property management according to Michaël Zingraf Real Estate

General and daily management of your property

Michaël Zingraf Christie's International Real Estate accompanies you throughout the realisation of your real estate projects but also in your everyday life. In addition to our assistance in purchasing or selling a property we also make your life easier.

You have just purchased a property in the South of France but you don’t wish or you simply haven’t got the time to manage it, we would be able to do it for you.

We understand how precious your time is, that is why we propose to take over your daily concerns.

  • Financial and administrative management: we supervise and pay the different expenses related to your property and provide complementary services in terms of insurance (quotation, new subscription, assistance in case of damage…). We send you a personalized report every month.

  • House staff management: whether you have permanent or temporary employees, we take over the staff management. From housekeeping to general maintenance we take care of every single detail (swimming pool, garden, heating, air conditioning…).

  • Refurbishment and decoration works: we guide you through the realisation of your refurbishment and decoration projects. We find the best craftsmen, insure the follow up and control of the works.

Event planning and additional services

From your arrival we do everything in our power to make your stay in your villa exceptional. We prepare your property before your arrival and offer exceptional services during your stay (best personal chef, boat or jet charter, car hire, baby sitter…).

We would be most happy to assist you in the organisation of a special event or reception.

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