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Living in Paris

Living in Paris

Paris is one of the European capitals that tourists most dream of visiting. French and international buyers are also very keen on this city! Not sure about its appeal and advantages? Professionals at Michael Zingraf Real Estate have drawn up a list of the capital’s assets, proving how great it is for living or purchasing real estate. 

Extraordinary historical and architectural heritage

Paris is a thousand-year-old city with a particularly rich history. Since the Middle Ages, the town has had its own special place in French, European and world history. Paris gave birth to the Enlightenment period and the French Revolution, and was also the capital of the 1st Empire before becoming the high place for the new French Republic. 
Paris managed to preserve many sumptuous monuments from this rich heritage, as well as famous edifices and iconic constructions that draw in millions of visitors every year (including the Eiffel Tower of course, as well as Notre-Dame-de-Paris, the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées). As the ultimate city of Art and Architecture, the capital is a delight for the eyes, and its history-filled atmosphere reminds us of its greatness every minute of every day. 

A vibrant cultural scene

City of Lights, Capital of Art and Literature, Fashion capital of the world, etc. Paris has many different facets, translated into an incredible cultural richness. Just like New York, the city never truly sleeps. Day and night, you will always find something exciting to do. Cinemas, restaurants, bars, concert halls, shows, prestigious museums, art galleries, neighbourhood theatres, cultural events, etc. 

Paris, capital of fashion

Paris has a worldwide reputation thanks to the many major brands that are based there. Paris is the capital of fashion, but also of luxury, and in the most beautiful districts of the city, prestigious boutiques can be counted by the dozen and shopping quickly becomes a full-time activity.

A leading economic hub

Paris is without a doubt France’s leading economic hub (30% of the country’s GDP is registered in the area). The city is particularly attractive and displays the most dynamic employment market in the country. It counts thousands of jobs in practically all areas of activity. 

A booming real estate market

Whether you wish to purchase a primary/secondary residence or invest, Paris is a safe bet for a real estate investment. Though expensive, the market is profitable and presents very few risks and lots of advantages:
•    Demand for accommodation remains extremely strong throughout the year, never dropping;
•    Paris is the leading tourist destination in France, and has an almost unrivalled international standing;
•    The city counts close to 2.6 million students;
•    Capital gain upon resale is practically definite, given the constant increase in real estate value. 

Prestigious properties with a unique charm

Thanks to its rich history, Paris has a particularly prestigious real estate portfolio. With its magnificent private mansions, elegant Haussmann apartments, renovated artist’s workshops and stylish lofts, buyers will no doubt find the perfect home to meet their needs. And property profitability is a given!
As a specialist in prestigious real estate in Paris, Michaël Zingraf Real Estate can help you through every step of your project. Browse through our selection of rare and luxurious properties in Paris’ lost popular neighbourhoods: superb private mansions right near the Eiffel Tower, spacious Haussmann apartments in the 16th arrondissement and the Golden Triangle, high-end apartments with terraces, artist’s workshops full of character and entirely renovated, etc.


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