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Michaël Zingraf Real Estate will accompany you in selecting and acquiring exceptional high added-value properties, on the acclaimed and exclusive luxury market. Investors know it, prestigious real estate is always a safe bet in France, both in terms of price and sales volumes. Wealthy people’s interest in this type of investment is always sky-high. Just like for works of art and jewellery, investing in prestigious real estate means you can substantially diversify your portfolio. This kind of investment insures you against inflation, namely thanks to rent profitability. Investing in prestigious real estate also bestows you with a relaxing place to stay, and means you can travel for pleasure whenever you like.

Though it is clear that the luxury real estate market makes for a safe placement, monitoring market evolutions means you can benefit from the most prestigious properties at the very best prices. The international economic situation and its many changes shine a light on certain geographical sectors, certain types of property, certain investment techniques… Knowing about these fluctuations and analysing them means that prestigious properties can be acquired in the best possible conditions.

Detecting new trends first requires us to acknowledge forewarning signs, showing which direction investors and their capital will be taking in the short, medium and long term. As specialists in prestigious real estate, we therefore wish to take part in building up your taste for investment by providing you with a few articles on this topic.

Districts and neighbourhoods in vogue, market trends, financial opportunities, challenges and levers for growth, financial conditions, beneficial policies… Through these articles, we will be broaching all topics pertaining to luxury real estate investments, both in France and abroad.

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