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Getaway in the Alps!

Getaway in the Alps!

You're a big fan of skiing, but there's more to being in the mountains than just hitting the slopes. Let's take a trip to our two favourite ski resorts. We're planning to take you to Gstaad, Megeve and Chamonix to enjoy the outdoors as much as possible!

Perfect combination of skiing, hiking and wellness

In the Alps you can have it all: skiing, hiking and wellness. You will be surrounded by mountains. In Gstaad, Megève or Chamonix, there are chalets with ski slopes nearby and other slopes just outside the town limits. The walks in these resorts are so good that they attract thousands of tourists every year - and they don't just walk, hiking in the nearby forests is also popular here. From sledging to shopping to fine dining, everything in these French Alpine towns will offer you great ways to spend your free time!

A chalet at the foot of the slopes

The real estate offer in the resorts of Gstaad, Megève or Chamonix, whether for sale or for seasonal rental, will allow you to access a selection of properties of very high standing. So you can stay in a chalet at the foot of your favourite ski slopes and enjoy the other slopes around which you can easily access on foot.

Walking around town and hiking in the nearby forests.

Not only do you intend to ski, you probably want to spend some time walking around town or hiking in the nearby forests. Hiking is a great way to enjoy the mountains. Walking around town is also a great way to enjoy the resort. If you're in the mountains, you can't go wrong with either activity: they're both great ways to get out of your comfort zone and explore new places! You can combine these two activities into a memorable experience by hiking up the mountain and skiing back down when you reach the top (or vice versa).

Stay inside in front of a fire!

The weather in the mountains can turn quickly and if a blizzard hits you, you can stay inside your beautiful chalet in front of a fire! When it's too cold to go outside, there are plenty of activities you can do with friends and family to warm up inside. Here are some ideas:

  • Playing board games with friends and family.
  • Watching films that make you want to go on an adventure or that are about people who live in even colder places.
  • Read books
  • Playing games on your phone while sitting by the fire and drinking hot chocolate 

To remember: A good way to enjoy the mountain is to combine indoor and outdoor activities for a memorable experience!

The mountains are ideal for skiing, hiking and wellness. You can also enjoy the festivities here! The combination of indoor and outdoor activities will give you many memorable experiences during your stay in this beautiful region! Tobogganing, hiking or snowman building (or even all three at the same time) are just a few examples of activities that can be enjoyed indoors or outdoors.  We hope this trip has inspired you to explore the resorts of Gstaad, Megeve or Chamonix and create some unforgettable memories!

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